ELC Digital Poster

ELC Digital Poster ELC Digital Poster ELC Digital Poster ELC Digital Poster


Support split-screen, time-sharing program management, remote control, centralized management.

ELC Digital Poster ELC Digital Poster ELC Digital Poster ELC Digital Poster
Advertisements, easy to make
Based on Html5 edit contents, what is seen is what to get, available to customize program layout, time-shared display
Anytime and anywhere, one-button rapid release
Simple bound with device, rapid and convenient release of program, support offline display
Remote cloud control, grouping management of device
Remote monitor device status, real-time statistics of device status
A mass of templates, free of use
Offer different industries' program templates, available to create gorgeous dynamic program

Only 3 steps to finish advertisement release

1. Connect with device

run electronic poster APP in device, enter into certificate installation page according to guidance

Network mode: view certificate ID and registration code in webpage user center, after inputting, finish connection and registration

Offline mode: download offline certificate in webpage user center, store offline certificate in U Key and plug in device, wait for device's identification of certificate, then finish connection and registration

after device finishes connection and registration, then device enters into program page


2. Programming

Create festivals in program management webpage (please make sure resolution ratio consistent with device's resolution ratio while creating program), after entering into edit page, insert image or video needed, adjust layout

Release program

3. Release program

After finishing program, then click Preview/Releae, choose registered device to finish releasing advertisement;
if there is no network in device, download offline program through webpage, import program through U Key.

Open up cooperation/Function plug-in/OPEN API

ELC Digital Poster
ELC Digital Poster
ELC Digital Poster

Open up cooperation

provide online release platform by default, suitable for individual users' use;
support cloud B/S deployment, suitable for brand, enterprise users' use;
support regional network server deployment, suitable for government, institution, state-owned and other strongly private users

Up to 100 cooperative enterprises